FNNND General Meeting

GenMtg October 2016 Posting

GenMtg October 2016 Looking for

FNNND General Meeting
Date: October 20th, 2016
Place: Gov’t House (Multi Room)
Time: 5:00 PM

Dinner will be served for participants of the meeting at 4:30 PM

If you need a ride please contact the front desk of FNNND at 867-996-2265 Ext. 0

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Chrystal at 867 996-2265, ext. 213

1 – Cook for dinner for 75 people
1 – Cook’s helper
1 – Sound Person
1 – Camera Person
1 – Driver
for the FNNND GENERAL MEETING October 20th, 2016

• The cook & cook’s helper must have all cooking qualifications.
• The cook will make a menu, shop for groceries and cook one dinner and two evening snacks for 75 people. Cook’s helper will help with preparations.
• The sound and camera person must be skilled in working the sound system and camera for these positions.
• The driver must have a valid driver’s license and be on the NND Drivers list.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Chrystal at 867 996-2265, ext. 213

Closing date: Friday, September 30th 2016 at 1:00 pm

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General Meeting & General Assembly Dates

General Meeting dates:

October 20th, 2016; 5 to 9 pm

January 26th, 2017; 5 to 9 pm

April 20th, 2017; 5 to 9 pm


General Assembly:   June 23, 24 & 25, 2017


Due to unforeseen circumstances the above dates are subject to change.

IRA Enrollment – Job Posting

IRA Enrollment Job Posting

IRA Enrollment Officer JD 2016

Reporting to the Manager, Heritage and Culture, the Indian Registry Administration (IRA)/ Enrolment Officer provides assistance to First Nation Citizens who are applying for Indian Status under the NNDFN Final Agreement, Chapter 3 (Eligibility and Enrolment), NND Constitution and under Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). The Enrolment Officer reviews applications and documents, maintains data entry into the AIS computer system, ensures the NND citizenship list is accurate and liaises with other departments on lists that pertain to service delivery. The IRA/ Enrolment Officer also works with the Heritage Officer to gather information through oral history and community interviews.

The Officer is responsible for all the administration of enrolment activities. The main duties include:
• Copies new applications and ensures that all documents are included;
• Assists in the development of procedures and policies;
• Checks for completeness of the applications (i.e. copy of birth certificate, ancestry data, etc.)
• Drafts and sends approval/ rejection letters and updated forms to applicants;
• Checks for verification of transfers of beneficiaries;
• Communicates with other First Nations on transfers;
• Enters the Identification Beneficiary numbers;
• Maintains a genealogy database containing information;
• Conducts interviews with families to collect family history information;
• Updates the data base of new beneficiaries, change of address, new names of marriages, deaths and births;
• Corresponds with applicants to secure appropriate documentation such as birth or marriage certificates;
• Maintains filing system, and ensures all documentation is recorded;
• Publishes list of beneficiaries for public viewing. This list shall not contain personal data;
• Create and maintain a genealogy database for NND families as per Chapter 3 of the FNFA;
• Develops and implements the Citizenship Code;
• Maintains confidential information;
• Participates in other projects within the Heritage & Culture Department;
• Do monthly AANDC reports;
• Provide Statistic reports on demand;
• Assist with applying for Certificates of Indian Status (Status Cards) to identify FN persons as eligible for services and benefits that are specifically designed for Registered Indians;
• Renew or replace Certificates of Indian Status; and
• Any other duties as required.

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Family Week

Family Week Poster


Feast Date: Thursday October 6, 2016
Location: Mayo Community Hall
Time: 5:00 p.m.

Bring your family out and celebrate, games, activities, entertainment, prizes

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Porcupine Caribou Management Board Public Meeting

Public Meeting Invite Ethel Lake.Sept 29 2016

Porcupine Caribou Management Board
Invites you to join the Board for a Public Meeting

-Meet the members
-Get the latest info on the herd
-Voice your concerns

Thursday, September 29, 2016 @ 1pm
Multipurpose Room
Mayo, Yukon

Lunch will be provided

The Board will also be holding its regular Board meeting on September 28 and 29th Starting at 9am each day at Ethel Lake

The public is welcome to attend!

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Manager, Capital and Housing

Manager, Capital and Housing – Job Posting

Manager, Capital and Housing – Job Description

Job Summary:
Reporting to the Operations Director the Manager, Capital and Housing is responsible for the overall administrative administration, management and delivery of all capital and housing programs, services and properties of the FNNND Capital and Housing Department. The Manager is responsible for the provision of all property and housing units (i.e. Housing Policy and Tenant Agreement) and is responsible for researching, planning, executing, and delivering development of a capital and housing plan ensuring projects are on time, within budget, and in accordance with specifications, and upward reporting to Council on critical tasks that must be performed throughout each project’s lifecycle and is expected to do appropriate proposal writing to ensure that funding is available for planning purposes.

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Fish and Wildlife Analyst

Fish and Wildlife Analyst – Job Posting

Fish and Wildlife Analyst – Job Description

Job Summary:
Reporting to the Manager of Lands and Resources, the Fish and Wildlife Analyst is responsible for the implementation of proper management and protection of fish and wildlife populations and their habitats within the Traditional Territory. The incumbent is responsible for providing technical briefings, facilitating programs, presentations at community events, and other duties as identified by the Lands & Resources Manager. The successful candidate is to work closely with the Fish & Wildlife Officer to develop environmental monitoring measures as well as assisting in scheduling field inspections.

Main Duties:
• Work co-operatively with other First Nation organizations and governments, user groups, community and territorial wildlife agencies, and other government representatives to formulate, evaluate, and implement sustainable fish and wildlife management programs;
• Implement community-based fish and wildlife management plans that integrate traditional knowledge, practices and values that collaborate with other practices of species and habitat management;
• Research and collect information on habitat quality and distribution;
• Develop a fish & wildlife component for the FNNND Traditional Territory’s Land Use Planning initiatives. As well as provide similar input to the Manager of Lands and Resources with respect to Land Use applications;
• Assist with the development of Fish and Wildlife Acts and regulations upon request of the Manager of Lands and Resources;
• Assist in the delivery of public information and education by preparation of pamphlets and documents, prepare slides for presentations, respond to public queries and letters, and convey information on programs and regulations through public contact;
• Maintain libraries relevant to fish and wildlife management practices;
• Administer trapping and trap

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Policy Analyst

Policy Analyst – Job Posting

Policy Analyst – Job Description

Job Summary:
Reporting to the Manager of Lands and Resources, the incumbent is responsible for the research and analysis of information, consulting with stakeholders, government officials, internal staff and technical experts, the development of options and preparation of recommendations on a wide range of policy projects. Responsibilities will include the coordination and implementation of operational policies, programs and strategies necessary to support the organizations overall plans and objectives.

Main Duties:
• Consult with interest groups, including businesses, governments, and special interest groups;
• Research market trends and relationship to the environment;
• Review/develop legislation, regulations, and policies to protect the rights identified in the Umbrella Final Agreement and other relevant treaties for FNNND;
• Prepare reports and make presentations to Lands & Resources Dept.;
• Identify problems posed by projects and practices and propose options for mitigating environmental and socio-economic impacts;
• Make recommendations to decision-makers that balance environmental conservation with social and economic considerations; and
• Develop regulations and guidelines for the implementation of lands & resources department laws and policies.
• Representing the organization at meetings of government officials, affiliated organizations, and the public;
• Other duties as needed

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