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Lands and Resources

The Lands and Resources Department’s mandate arises from the First Nation Final and Self Government Agreements of 1993 and subsequent policy development. In 2000 the department developed a mission statement and principles for departmental operations which remain in effect.

Principles of Departmental Operation

– Conservation of natural resources for current and our children’s futures use;
– Striving for sustainable development and use of natural resources (which means balancing social, economic and environmental factors in decisions about conservation and development);
– Integration of Traditional Knowledge with Scientific Knowledge;
– Carrying out integrated land and resources management/co-management (which means that all elements of the ecosystem: physical and biological are considered when planning and management decisions are made);
– Mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation with other governments, organizations and stakeholders;
– Public, elder and youth participation, and
– Fairness and timely responses to NND citizens, Council and others.

The Department is made up of four distinct units under the direction of the Lands Manager.

Coop Engagement Flowchart

Cooperative Engagement Process: The following protocol has been developed specifically to enhance the relationship between industry and the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun. The ultimate goal of developing this initiative is the well being of our community. We believe that following this protocol will create an opportunity to establish a balance between community, environment and industry needs. We hope that all parties will benefit from the equity in communication, decision-making and creation of new opportunities for our growth and human development.

Guiding Principles for Mining Interests: This Best Practices Code has been prepared for mineral exploration and mining companies who are planning activities on lands within the area traditionally occupied by the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun (NNDFN). This document provides proponents with guiding principles of how NNDFN will give life to the rights and interests gained through land claim settlement with respect to the management of activities within NNDFN Traditional Territory.


This Mobile Workers Guide – Fly-in/Fly-out and Rotational Shift Work in Mining. Yukon Experiences presents a wide range of insights into a work life that is characterised by mobility, living in camps and being on scheduled times away from home. In it, experienced workers — men and women alike — from a variety of professions in the exploration and mining sector provide insight for those who are new to this industry. They share stories, experiences, strategies for coping with potential difficulties and tips for how to benefit from this traveling lifestyle. The sections of the guide introduce the readers to topics, such as, coping with boom and bust cycles, specifics of mining communities, First Nation employment, women in mining, family life and private relationships, income management and career development.

Authors: Gertrude Saxinger and Susanna Gartler

Publishers: First Nation of Nacho Nyäk Dun / ReSDA – Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic / Yukon College

Contact: Gertrude.Saxinger@gmail.at

Project “ReSDA – Ressources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic”


Bryan Moses
On-Call Environmental Monitor – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 131

Colleen Fraser
Lands Assistant – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 141

Lawrence Mclaren
Lands Officer Lead– Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 132

Josee Tremblay
Lands and Resources Manager – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 144

Victoria Gold Liason
Victoria Gold Liaison

Stephan Walke
Environmental Assessment Officer – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 152

Ellenise Profeit
Lands Executive Assistant – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 143

Blaine Peter
Lands Officer – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 134

Joël Potié
Fish and Wildlife Officer – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 151

Natasha Young
Natural Resources Coordinator – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 138

Maureen Huggard
Lands Proposal Technician – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 147