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Chief and Council

Chief Simon Mervyn

The Governance Body of Na-Cho Nyak Dun is composed of a constitutionally mandated elected body consisting of a Chief, Deputy Chief, four Councillors at large, a Youth Councillor and an Elder Councillor. The Chief, Deputy Chief and the four at-large Councillors hold full-time positions with the First Nation while the Youth and Elder Councillor are on a part-time basis. The Constitution and Governance Act, which the General Assembly passed, layout the Council’s mandate. The Council Governance Policy Manual adopted in 2006 directs the Council’s day to day operation.

Council has been entrusted by the Citizens to carry out the business of the First Nation in a fair, responsible and ethical manner and to respect the traditions and values of the First Nation. Their primary role is to plan, lead, organize and control the business of running the First Nation.

The sole employee of Chief and Council is the Executive Director. The Executive Director has the main task of executing the Council’s decisions through the Department Managers and for providing a venue for issues generated at the departmental level to reach Council.

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Contact Chief and Council

Simon Mervyn, Chief

Roberta Hager, Deputy Chief

Barb Buyck, Councillor 

Irene Johnny, Councillor 

Andy Lucas, Councillor 

Hilda Germaine, Elders’ Councillor 

Sharon A. Peter, Councillor