The Lands and Resources Department wishes to keep citizens informed and facilitate communication about projects and developments in the Traditional Territory. The Lands and Resources Department created this section to provide brief information about current projects and developments going through assessment under the Yukon Environmental and Socioeconomic Assessment Board (YESAB). Please find a brief summary of projects currently in the “seeking views” stage of assessment. 

Information/views/opinions/questions should be directed either to our Lands and Resources Department or to the local YESAB Designated Office (see contact below). No online posts or comments will be considered.

Contact us because…

1)      You have questions about the project or want more information;

2)      You would like to submit your own personal comments to YESAB about a project but need assistance;

3)      You have specific concerns or information about the project area or about values that might be affected by the project that you would like NND to consider when we submit comments,

Please contact our Environmental Assessment Officer, Stephan Walke

( 867-996-2265 ext. 152

In particular, consider the following questions:

1. What is important to you in the proposed project area?

  • What is the drainage like? 
  • Are there calving grounds?
  • Are there fish bearing streams?
  • Are there salmons spawning gravels?
  • Are there wetlands?
  • Are there important wildlife forage areas?
  • Are there old camp sites in the area?
  • Are there berry patches in the area?
  • Are there old trails in the area?
  • Is there an active trapline overlapping the area? 

2. How do you think those valued components would be affected or impacted by the proposed project?

3. Do you have any suggestions for how the effects you have identified could be reduced or eliminated?1

1taken from YESAB communication

YESAB Information and Contact: for information on all projects and interactive map for information about the Yukon Environmental and Socioeconomic Assessment Board

Mayo Designated YESAB Office:

PO Box 2126, Mayo, Y0B 1M0

Phone: 867-996-4040 // Fax: 867-390-4049

YESAB Projects Currently in Seeking Views

Quartz Exploration—Dublin Gulch (#2021-0085):

Proponent: Victoria Gold (Yukon) Corp.

Comment Submission Deadline: August 12th, 2021

The Project is the continuation of a quartz exploration program on the Dublin Gulch Property (permits LQ00303b and QZ16-016). The Dublin Gulch Property encompasses an area of about 349 km2 and consists of 1 914 quartz claims, 10 quartz leases, and one federal crown grant, and is located 45 km north of Mayo. The exploration program will be carried out year-round, for 10 years. The vast majority of exploration activities are conducted during snow free period (approx. May to September), with some drilling activities conducted in winter months.

Adequacy Review

Quartz Exploration—Brewery Creek (#2021-0093)

Proponent: Golden Predator Exploration

The proposed operation is a continuation of advanced exploration surrounding the Brewery Creek Mine site. Existing work is permitted under LQ00364. The intent is to further expand the exploration program to focus on deeper gold mineralization in areas previously mined as well as newly targeted areas on the mine property. Project activities include drilling and trenching as well as bulk sampling not exceeding 5000 tonnes/year. A network of existing roads and trails will be used onsite for access with an additional 15km of roads being proposed for exploration purposes. Brewery Creek is within the Dawson Regional Land Use Plan area and occurs in the Traditional Territories of FNNND and Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in. The area involves multiple streams and watercourses within the Klondike River drainage.

Placer Mine – Curly Creek (#2021-0098)

Proponent: Joel White

The proposed project is a placer operation on 11 claims and one discovery claim on Curly Creek, a tributary of Tadzę Nyäk (Mayo River). The operation involves typical placer development including stripping, material processing, water acquisition and in-stream settling. Curly Creek is a small left limit tributary of Tadzę Nyäk which flows into the river just downstream of Duncan Creek. Tadzę Nyäk has seen considerable placer development on its tributaries for the past century and has also undergone considerable changes due to hydroelectric generation. The river provides fish habitat for many species and the area around the project location includes a number of ecological values such as important moose habitat.

Placer Mine—Vancouver Creek (#2021-0102)

Proponent: Stephen Williscroft

The proposed project is a continuation of placer activity on 6 claims along Lower Vancouver Creek. Access is from the North Klondike Highway to the McQuesten Ridge Road. There is existing access, including multiple trails and crossings, already onsite. Activity will involve out-of-stream settling, water recycling, in-stream dug-outs/reservoirs for make-up water acquisition, diversion construction, and typical stripping and material processing activity. Vancouver Creek is a direct tributary of Et’o Nyäk Tagé (McQuesten River) which is a salmon-bearing river that hosts innumerable ecological values and has been host to countless generations of traditional land use and travel within the Et’o Nyäk Tagé Valley.