The Lands and Resources Department wishes to keep citizens informed and facilitate communication about projects and developments in the Traditional Territory. The Lands and Resources Department created this section to provide brief information about current projects and developments going through assessment under the Yukon Environmental and Socioeconomic Assessment Board (YESAB). Please find a brief summary of projects currently in the “seeking views” stage of assessment. 

Information/views/opinions/questions should be directed either to our Lands and Resources Department or to the local YESAB Designated Office (see contact below). No online posts or comments will be considered.

Contact us because…

1)      You have questions about the project or want more information;

2)      You would like to submit your own personal comments to YESAB about a project but need assistance;

3)      You have specific concerns or information about the project area or about values that might be affected by the project that you would like NND to consider when we submit comments,

Please contact our Environmental Assessment Officer, Stephan Walke

( 867-996-2265 ext. 152

In particular, consider the following questions:

1. What is important to you in the proposed project area?

  • What is the drainage like? 
  • Are there calving grounds?
  • Are there fish bearing streams?
  • Are there salmons spawning gravels?
  • Are there wetlands?
  • Are there important wildlife forage areas?
  • Are there old camp sites in the area?
  • Are there berry patches in the area?
  • Are there old trails in the area?
  • Is there an active trapline overlapping the area? 

2. How do you think those valued components would be affected or impacted by the proposed project?

3. Do you have any suggestions for how the effects you have identified could be reduced or eliminated?1

1taken from YESAB communication

YESAB Information and Contact: for information on all projects and interactive map for information about the Yukon Environmental and Socioeconomic Assessment Board

Mayo Designated YESAB Office:

PO Box 2126, Mayo, Y0B 1M0

Phone: 867-996-4040 // Fax: 867-390-4049

YESAB Projects Currently in Seeking Views

Current YESAB Projects in Seeking Views Stage:


Placer Mine—Field Creek (#2022-0028):

Proponent: Cory McKay

Comment Submission Deadline: March 22, 2022


The Project is a placer mine on 13 claims lease along Field Creek, a tributary of Mayo River. The claim block is located approximately 23 km straight line distance northeast of Mayo and 24 km straight line distance southwest of Keno, with existing access via the Mayo Lake Road. The Project is located within the Traditional Territory of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun. Project activities will be carried out from April 1 to November 1, annually, for 10 years.


Placer Mine—Clear Creek – Right Fork (#2022-0038):

Proponent: Paul Phillips

Comment Submission Deadline: March 29, 2022


The Project is the continued placer mining on 138 claims along Clear Creek- Right Fork in the Stewart River Watershed. The Project is located 120 km from Dawson City and 70 km from Mayo, within the Traditional Territories of Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in and the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun. Project activities will occur from May 1 to October 1, annually for 10 years.


Placer Mine—Dirksen Creek (#2022-0041):

Proponent: Richard Ewing

Comment Submission Deadline: March 30, 2022


The Project is a continuation of placer exploration activities on 10 claims along Dirksen Creek, a north shore tributary of Mayo Lake. The Project is located within the traditional territory of the First Nation of Na-cho Nyak Dun, 14 km SE of Keno City and 39 km NE of the Village of Mayo. Project activities are proposed from June 1 to October 31 annually, for 10 years.


Adequacy Review

Amendment to PM18-058 – Duncan Creek & 40 Pup (#2022-0056):

Proponent: Frank Taylor


The amendment is to add 11 bench claims (Todd 1-11, grants P 525302-312) to the list in Appendix A of the license. Any mining activities that may take place on these grants will be activities already included in the licence and approval. There are no proposed additional activities, and no increase to the scope or magnitude of activities currently authorized. No camp will be established, and no fuel will be stored on these 11 claims. There is no watercourse on the additional claims, so there will be no alteration nor adverse effect to any watercourse because of this amendment.


An application for an assessment of this amendment has been submitted to the YESAB designated office in Mayo. No activities are proposed on the 11 new claims that were not already assessed and mitigated in the current license/approval using decision document 2018-0112. However, there may be additional terms to consider as a result of the assessment if it is found that there is increased potential for disturbance of heritage resources as a result of ground-disturbing activities on the bench claims, or key wildlife areas or species of concern to consider; although none were identified in the earlier evaluation.



Quartz Exploration—Red Mountain Property—Amendment (#2022-0008):

Proponent: Florin Resources Inc.


This application is for an amendment to an existing quartz land use authorization (LQ00564) assessed by YESAB under project #2020-0113. The amendment is primarily for increasing the length of proposed drilling, and for access development to reach target areas and camp location. The project occurs around Red Mountain/upper Clear Creek. The project area includes Clear Creek Caribou Herd range, including an identified caribou wildlife key area.

Placer Mine – Secret Creek (#2021-0175):

Proponent: Vernon Evans


This will be a two-water license/Land use project amended to a single 10 year water license/Land use project containing all contiguous grouped claims of each water license to form a 43 contiguous (grouped) claim water use/land use project. There will be no other amendments. This will reduce the impacts of mining by having one camp instead of two and using 49500 meters less water. This will be a 43-claim placer mining project using modern mining techniques to selectively process a minimal area in an environmentally responsible matter while posing no danger or threat to fish, water, heritage sites, or habitat. It will include Hydrolysing Drilling. Increase in volume from 25000 to 45000 cubic meters overburden removal per annum, fuel storage to 20000 liters, and single camp site up to 9 miners.


Placer Mine – Curly Creek (#2021-0098):

Proponent: Joel White


This is a small placer mining operation located in Its own valley. It is completely self contained and separate from downstream waters. Curly creek flows underground below the proposed operations seepage along no name creek, then resurfaces in a series of valley bottom beaver dams before entering Mayo River. Alternatives considered include planning for efficient equipment travel and use to minimize fuel consumption. A recirculating or recycling system is planned to conserve water in a small drainage with little flow during the summer dry periods. There are neighbouring users and no conflict shared uses. The area has been a placer mining centre since the turn of the century on neighboring creeks.


Nidd Property – Class 3 Quartz Exploration Program (#2022-0061):

Proponent: Fireweed Zinc Ltd.


The purpose of the project is for Fireweed Zinc to continue drilling activities at Boundary Zone on the Nidd Property (part of the Macmillan Pass Project). A Class 3 Quartz Mining Land Use Approval will to allow for better planning (multi-year from 2022 to 2024) and efficient execution of activities (compared to a Class 1 level program). Compared to a Class 1 notification, a Class 3 approval would allow for more clearings per claim, which is required to undertake infill and step-out drilling activities to define the mineral resource. The drill program will utilize helicopters to transport drill rigs to Boundary Zone (no roads or trails are required) and Fireweed’s existing Tom Camp will support personnel working on this program.


Evaluation Information Request

North Fork Hydro (#2021-0151):

Proponent: Oro Enterprises


“Due to an administrative error, NND was not able to participate in initial commentary to YESAB on this project. NND Lands Department will be reviewing the project and providing comment by May 17th. If any citizens have any information or questions, please contact our Environmental Assessment Officer by May 10th. Mussi Cho.”


The Project is the construction and operation of a run of the river hydro power facility between the North Klondike River and the Klondike River. The maximum power generation capacity will be 2 MW utilizing up to 293,760 m3/day of water from the North Klondike River. The Project will utilize infrastructure from the historic North Fork Hydro facility. The Project includes the rehabilitation of the existing power canal and the construction of a new power canal intake, penstock, powerhouse, and tail race. The Project is located along land disposition 2019-5001, which has been set aside as a hydro reserve for a project of this nature.


The Project is located within the Tr’ondëk Hwech’in and First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun Traditional Territories. Project activities and infrastructure are in proximity to TH Settlement Land parcels R-80B, R-21B, and R-14A, residential properties, and overlaps with active placer mining claims. Construction is proposed to occur from April to October over 2 years. The Project will be in operation for at least 40 years with a potential for winter shutdowns during low flow conditions. Decommissioning and final closure activities are not proposed.