Health and Social


– Basic Needs
– Supplementary Needs
– Shelter
– Permanent Labour Exclusive
– Allowance (PLFE)
– Other Emergency Requirements

– Clothing
– Household Needs
– Medical Requirements
– Dental Requirements
– Other Emergency Requirements


NND elders 60 years of age + and disabled citizens can benefit from this program.

Must be a resident of the Yukon.


The purpose of the WOP is to enhance the independence and job-related skills of the people on social assistance. The program uses social assistance funds together with funds from other sources. With this funding, WOP creates temporary employment for First Nation people who would otherwise be on regular social assistance. The WOP also contributes to the provision of community services, the development of community facilities, or the improvement of the local environment.


Self-Sufficiency: Individuals have the responsibility to support themselves and their dependents when it is possible to do so.

Applicant’s Right to Benefits and Services: Individuals have the right to benefits and services for which they qualify under existing regulations.

Respect for the Applicant: An applicant for social services must be respected as a person has worth, dignity and the right to self-determination.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Applicants have the right to privacy and confidentiality concerning personal and family affairs.

Applicant’s Right to Consultation and Appeal: Applicants for social services have the right and responsibility to be involved in the process of establishing eligibility for benefits and services, and have the right to appeal any decision concerning their application.

Responsibilities of the Applicant

– Responsible for applying in person for social assistance by filling out an Application for Social Assistance form;

– Required to show that within the limits of their abilities and circumstances, all resources of self-support have been explored and proof of this can be provided to the Issuing Officer;

– Must give written permission to the Issuing Officer to verify information in the application and must help the Issuing Officer determine their level of need for assistance;

– Must declare all household income when applying or reapplying for social assistance;

– Employable persons who may be eligible for social assistance are expected to seek, accept and keep employment, or training.