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The Education Department oversees the Dunena Ko’Honete Ko Daycare, Youth Centre (and Youth related issues/funding), coordinating NNDFN culture/traditions/histories at JV Clark School, and Post-Secondary and Training. Please see the links below for more information on each of these areas of the department. For more information on the daycare, please access that department on the website. The objective of the Education Department is to support NNDFN citizens in succeeding in their education journey and gaining access to the workforce. This is done through helping provide guidance and funding to obtain the qualifications and skills needed to pursue individual career goals that will in turn help the NNDFN’s Self-Government and increase their overall economic reliance.

To access educational funding from the First Nation of Na Cho Nyäk Dun, you must be a registered member on the citizens list. If you are not, please contact the Education Department.

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Students

Cultural Activities in the School – Honourariums

NND and the Department of Education have an arrangement to fund NND citizens in sharing their knowledge at J.V. Clark Hets’Ëdan’Kún through the School Growth Plan. For teachers to access this funding, please contact the Education Department to review the proposed activity. Teachers will then need to request an Honourarium Form that can be filled out and submitted to the Education Manager along with an invoice if materials were needed. This arrangement was negotiated to help facilitate Na Cho Nyäk Dun language and culture throughout J.V. Clark Hets’edän’kún by having Elders and community members share their knowledge with the youth of Mayo. For schools outside of Mayo, they will have their own School Growth Plans to help bring in local Yukon First Nations Knowledge Holders.

Educational Supports – Youth Recreation Funds

If an NND student needs financial support for sports, music lessons, tutoring, after school programs, or other similar activities, please fill out the Youth Recreation Form and submit it to the Education Department.

Educational Supports – School Supplies

Every school year, each NND student is eligible for a subsidy to assist with the cost of school supplies (K4 to Gr. 6 can apply for $150.00 and Gr.7 to Gr. 12 can apply for $200.00). Please fill out a School Supplies Request Form and submit it to the Education Department.

Educational Supports – Graduation

If a student is graduating from Gr.12, they can apply to NND for financial support in the purchase of their grad outfit and travel for them and friends/family to attend YFN Graduation. NND also offers a gift to show their support for student achievements.  Please fill out a Graduation Form and submit it to the Education Department.

Hot Lunch Program

With the help of YFNED and Jordon’s Principle, NND has been able to hire a fulltime cook and helper to prepare lunches for the students J.V. Clark Hets’edän’ko and staff at Dunena Ko’Honete Ko daycare.

Student Support Worker

NND is currently looking to hire a Student Support Worker for the school (previously this position was known as the CELC). If you are interested in this position, please contact the Education Department or HR.

Youth Centre

The Youth Centre is located on Duncan Street in Mayo, YT. Our Youth Coordinator, Youth Assistant, and Youth Students, help run the centre by organizing activities, cooking dinner, and providing a safe space for youths to hang out. The Youth Centre is open from 3:30 until 8:00 in the winter/fall/spring and will have updated summer hours that will be posted on the NND website.


If you are interested in going on to a post-secondary institution to do upgrading or get a certificate, bachelors, masters, doctorate, or a diploma, please fill out the Post-Secondary Application Form and submit it to our Post-Secondary/Training Coordinator. Please allow a month for the form to be processed as funding will need to be reviewed and that all necessary documentation has been gathered.

Please refer to NNDFN’s Post-Secondary Policy. 

Community Training

NND provides funding for short-term courses. This can include Standard First Aid, sewing classes, seminars, etc. If you are interested in applying, please fill out a Community Training Form and submit it to the Post-Secondary/Training Coordinator.


Please find below PDFs of previous Education Department updates.


Education Manager, Lauren Baranik


1-867-996-2265 ext. 120

This position is responsible for overseeing the overall Education Department. They are responsible for managing budgets, Education Department staff, liaising with YTG, YukonU, YFNED, CYFN, etc., as well as proposal writing and other miscellaneous managerial tasks.

Post-Secondary/Training Coordinator – Temp, Gwen Gillian


1-867-996-2265 ext. 116

This position provides support to NNDFN citizens with completing, submitting to finance, and following up on funding requests (i.e., Post-Secondary Forms, Community Training Forms, Youth Recreation Forms, School Supplies Forms, etc.). This position also provides academic guidance for citizens and will help the Education Manager in writing proposals.  

Youth Coordinator – Position Posted


1-867-996-2265 ext. 410

This position is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day tasks at the Youth Centre as well as the supervision of youths who attend. They are also responsible for organizing and facilitating youth activities.

Education Assistant – Position Posted


This position is responsible for providing overall support to the Education Manager, including event coordinating of culture camps, fairs, and other community gatherings.