Na-Cho Nyak Dun goals with respect to housing is to provide adequate and affordable housing to NND citizens who would like to reside in Housing units owned by the First Nation; to maintain the integrity and value of the lands set aside for the NND housing projects and of the houses and other residences built for housing NND citizens, and to develop a capital plan that will enable NND to build additional houses which will increase citizen’s skills in participating the workforce and which will increase the available housing stock.  The Housing Department is also working on a 5-year capital plan which will offer other alternatives to NND citizens wishing to own or rent homes. (link to capital plan).

The purpose of the Na-Cho Nyak Dun Housing & Capital Department is to consolidate the essential aspects of all housing-related procedures into one reference source to facilitate the management of NND Housing for the Housing Committee, Chief and Council and most importantly the citizens.

A wide range of services are offered form the Housing & Capital Department, some of which include:

Operations & Maintenance – on the capital side, the department is responsible to ensure that all government, community and housing units are up to code and maintained in accordance with safety standards;

Renovations – the department also takes on the responsibility for renovations that are necessary with regards to governmental, community and housing units, whether it is to self-construct or oversee contractors;

Vehicles – all NND owned vehicles are maintained through this program.  The maintenance technician will ensure that each vehicle is safe and maintains them on a regular basis.
“Planning Today For Tomorrow’s Future” – NND’s 10 Year Capital Plan

The Housing & Capital Department is currently in the process of creating a 10 Year Capital Plan.  The scope of this plan is to identify the needs of the community in regards to infrastructure (ex. constructing government buildings, access ways, housing units, & community buildings).  Operation and Maintenance key factors that are dealt with over the next 10 years.

The second phase of the Capital Plan identifies the issues surrounding the Housing & Capital Department with regard to low budgets, deteriorating housing stock and the backlogs of current housing.

The Capital Plan give 3 viable solutions to effectively resolve the housing issues, that if implemented properly could keep the housing stock under control, increase dollars to bring all NND homes up to standard code and eventually put more money into infrastructure throughout the community.


NND Housing Policy Final April 14, 2008 – Revised September 23, 2014

Housing Application Form – April 29, 2008


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Our Staff

Housing Assistant
Housing Assistant – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 118

Capital and Housing Manager
Capital and Housing Manager – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 119