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Victoria Gold Environmental Bulletin

Freshet Water Management at the Eagle Gold Mine – #003/04-2021
Victoria Gold Corp. (Victoria) has established effective water management and monitoring programs at the Eagle Gold Mine to ensure we adhere to Yukon and Federal Government Licence and Regulatory requirements.
These programs are particularly important leading up to and during freshet (spring melt) so the increased water flows within the Project area due to snow melt can be managed proactively and effectively.
All mine contact water is directed to and stored in engineered, lined containment ponds. The water levels of these ponds are continuously monitored to help us prevent any unplanned discharges.

Monitoring Control

Water is a major component in the process of recovering gold from ore. To conserve this resource, water captured in these ponds is used in the gold extraction process.
Utilizing recycled mine contact water in gold processing represents an extremely effect management strategy for maintaining pond storage capacity in case of periods of heavy rain. This strategy also reduces our reliance on fresh water by simply using captured contact water.

Monitoring piping infrastructure

To facilitate appropriate transfer of water from the containment ponds to the Heap Leach Facility (HLF) and gold processing facility (ADR Plant), Victoria continuously monitors and maintains a network of dedicated piping infrastructure and pumps.

Water quality sampling at the Events Pond

In addition to constant water level assessments, we frequently monitor the water quality of these ponds. As provided through regulatory licenses, Victoria may discharge surplus water back to the environment provided the water quality meets stringent criteria.
Victoria regularly reports water quality results to the Yukon Water Board and the Federal Government. The results are publicly available at: https://www.yukonwaterboard.ca/WATERLINE/.
For questions or comments regarding this bulletin, please contact Michelle Dawson-Beattie at mdawson-beattie@vgcx.com.

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