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Victoria Gold Environmental Bulletin

Revegetation at the Eagle Gold Mine – #004/07-2021

Victoria Gold Corp. (Victoria) is committed to responsibly developing the Eagle Gold Mine with a focus on returning the area to functional ecosystems like those that existed prior to Mine development. Since 2009, we have established reclamation objectives that consider industry best practices and that incorporate traditional land use.

To support our ongoing planning for the final closure of the Mine, revegetation programs have been advanced based on environmental studies and field trials which have come together to refine seed selection for vegetation. This work is conducted to ensure our revegetation practices promote natural succession and the long-term stability of the landscape.

The trials completed to date include a combination of sowing native grasses and flowering plants, as well as the planting of native woody species adapted to local conditions. Plant health is monitored in these trial areas, which helps inform all future efforts.

Seeding work around site water management ditches

Ensuring the long-term physical stability of the area is critical during and after operations. Land stabilization helps to protect water quality by reducing sediment runoff during heavy rains and freshet (spring melt).

Willow staking showing good growth

Revegetation in the Yukon can be challenging – growing seasons are short, rainfall can be sporadic, and soils can be low in nutrients. To support our efforts, a range of strategies are being utilized and reviewed including the use of fertilizer blends to speed up vegetation establishment and planting fast-establishing species to revegetate more challenging areas. Once established, the vegetation acts as a natural nutrient source for future self-sustaining growth.
Our environmental team is excited to continue this work throughout the life of the Eagle Gold Mine to ensure we do our part to restore the area and re-establish healthy conditions across the Site.

For questions or comments regarding this bulletin, please contact Michelle Dawson-Beattie at mdawon-beattie@vgcx.com.