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Timber Available for Public Salvage

FNNND is in communication with Yukon Government Department of Highways & Public Works regarding ongoing road maintenance, upgrade and reconstruction projects. As part of regulatory and contract requirements, all salvageable timber cleared during road activity must be stacked and made available for public salvage. We will be updating citizens regularly regarding available timber for salvage for personal use. At the moment, these are the locations where timber is available:

Bucked and stacked:

YG gravel pit at km 542.3 of the North Klondike Highway (approx. 7km west of Stewart Crossing–entrance on south side of highway)

KM 542.3

Not Bucked and stacked:

YG gravel pit at km 529.5 of the North Klondike Highway (between Ethel Lake Road and Stewart Crossing)*

KM 529.5
KM 529.5

YG gravel pit at km 518.7 of North Klondike Highway (just south of Crooked Creek Bridge)*

KM 518.7

*Note the timber at km’s 518.7 and 529.5 is not yet limbed and bucked into 8-foot lengths but will be shortly. Wood from these clearing operations is mostly green timber and will not be suitable for fuelwood this season until properly dried.