(867) 996-2265 NNDFN Main Line

The NND Farm Planning Committee is currently seeking applications for Sub-Committee Members

Education/Activities Sub-Committee,

4 members  (3 year term)

Health Development Sub-Committee,

4 members (3 year term)

If you are interested to serve on either of these committees, a  Committee Application form can be obtained from the FNNND Website at www.nndfn.com; or you may phone and request a copy from the NND Main Receptionist at (867) 996-2265.

Please submit your application & resume to heritagemgr@nndfn.com or you may call the Main Receptionist to arrange a drop-off time.

Deadlines for Committee Applications is May 6, 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact the Heritage Manager at (867) 996-2265, extension 133 or email heritagemgr@nndfn.com

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