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Joint Evacuation Alert from the Yukon Emergency Measures Organization, FNNND, and the Village of Mayo for the Silver Trail region, including Moose Creek Lodge, Mayo, Keno, Elsa, and Victoria Gold Mine.

The Yukon Emergency Measures Organization, the Village of Mayo and the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun have issued an Evacuation Alert for the Silver Trail and surrounding areas as outlined above. This alert is due to risk from wildfires in the Silver Trail area, including those around Mayo and Keno City.

While you are not being asked to evacuate your property at this time, an Evacuation Alert is intended to provide you time to be ready to leave safely should an Evacuation Order be issued.

After receiving this evacuation alert, you should consider :

  • Connecting with all family members to  determine  a plan and designate a safe meeting place;
  • Moving grab-and-go bags for you and your family to a readily  accessible location  ;
  • Gathering essential items such as medication, eye glasses, valuable papers and immediate care needs for dependents;
  • Arranging transport for your household members in anticipation of a potential evacuation order, and be sure to fill your gas tank should you need to evacuate suddenly ;
  • Arranging accommodation for your family as commercial accommodations may be limited. In the event of an evacuation order, emergency accommodation will be provided if required;
  • Monitoring local news sources and Yukon.ca/emergencies for updated information on the status of the fire and impact on the area .

Locals and visitors are encouraged to avoid visiting properties in the affected area and to proactively relocate, prior to the fire affecting the area directly.

Community members impacted by wildfire evacuation alerts are encouraged to register with Emergency Support Services (ESS) by phoning 867-332-7367. Registration with ESS allows you to receive urgent assistance when needed.

An Evacuation Order may be issued if the fire directly threatens people and property. In the event an Evacuation Order is issued, you should be prepared to leave within two hours of being notified.

Contact: Fire Information Officer, Wildland Fire Management 867-393-7415  or YukonFirelnfo@yukon.ca. Yukon.ca/emergencies.

Northern Tutchone Area of Evacuation Alert