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First Nations School Board Information

What must happen for a First Nations School Board?

On February 11, 2021, an Order-in-Council was passed by the Yukon Government to begin the Yukon’s Education Act’s process to create a Yukon First Nations School Board. Soon after, First Nations Chiefs signed the First Nation School Board Agreement with the Minister of Education. Now, School Councils will be voting on whether to dissolve and be replaced by a First Nations School Board or not at the next School Council meeting.

If they vote no, then the Yukon First Nations Education Directorate will work with NND to give out a petition to the community to move forward with the possible change to a First Nations School Board. We will be asking the community for support to move forward with JV Clark School joining the new First Nations School Board.

Why a First Nations School Board?

There are wide varieties of First Nation Schools operating across Canada— although there are none in the three territories. These schools often offer the highest standards of academic coursework taught within a different worldview or pedagogy, producing some of the best graduation rates and success outcomes in their respective provinces.

For First Nations and non-First Nations students alike, this presents a viable alternative to the mainstream, colonial school system, and a solution to the many roadblocks that prevent their successful participation in education.

First Nation Schools in the Yukon, whether operated by the Department of Education under the new First Nation School Board Agreement, or a school operated under a new Regional Education Agreement outside of the Yukon Government’s jurisdiction, would be a public-school option available to both First Nations and non-First Nations students — a place for all students to thrive.