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Voluntary Closure of 2023 Salmon Fishing

Please be advised that the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun (FNNND) is strongly encouraging all citizens to not harvest any of the Chinook salmon this year, as the 2023 run on the Yukon River continues to be near extinction and proves less than satisfactory. 

This is a sacrifice all salmon people are making to renew the cycle and conserve the salmon for future generations. FNNND Citizens at the 2021 Annual Assembly had passed Resolution #002-2021, which reaffirms that Resolution #002-2014 to support the closure of all Chinook salmon fishing in FNNND Traditional Territory.

For further information, please contact Millie Olsen, landsmanager@nndfn.com or call 867-996-2265, ext. 143.

Traditional Pursuit for salmon fishing will not be allocated this summer.