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A Special Gift From The Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee Has Come Together to Distribute Activity Packages for Citizens of Mayo

There are a variety of packages, they will be randomly chosen and delivered.

Type of Kits: Children’s Hide Vest, Slipper Tops, Necklace Kits, Earing Kits, Men’s Kits, Children’s Activity Kits, Duffle Mitten Kits, Moose Hide Ornaments Kits, Moose Hide Beaded Key Kits, Moose Hide Card Holder Kits, Tufting Kits, Dream Catcher Kits, Embroidery Kits, Beaded Loom Kits, Diamond Paint Canvas Kits, Foam & Felt Kits, Painting Kits Etc.

All FNNND Citizens are welcome to Enter Wellness Draw

How To Enter: Take a photo of a healthy event you attended during the Christmas Holiday – These photos will be shared on the FNNND website after Christmas and in wellness reports.

ITEMS TO WIN: Snowshoes, Kids Scooter/Sled, Winter Coat, Fishing Rod, Sling Shot, Binoculars, Soft Cooler, Fiberglass Hatchet and more…

Email Photos To: Deanna.Profeit91@gmail.com

Wellness Committee would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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