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Yukon Energy Corporation is looking for a Fuel Supplier for their Mayo location.


Yukon Energy Corporation is looking for a fuel supplier that can accommodate high and low demand periods, supplying and delivering Fuel to our Mayo location. Purchases of fuel will be made as and when required by the Yukon Energy Corporation.  At this juncture, we are looking to see if there is any interest from any NND companies to provide this kind of service.  The amount of interest shown will inform Yukon Energy’s sourcing strategy for this commodity.

  • Fuel Type:  P50 fuel for Yukon Energy Corporation’s generator(s) in Mayo

Historical usage

Table One below illustrates the Yukon Energy’s annual fuel consumption rates over the years 2017, 2018, 2019, and up to September 2020 for Faro YEC locations.  This data is meant to give proponents an idea of Yukon Energy Corporation’s consumptions rates over the past 4 years. 


Contractor’s will be responsible in detailing answers about the themes outlined below:

  • Supply
  • Storage/Inventory
  • Fuel Quality
  • Trucking Equipment
  • Staffing of Dedicated drivers
  • Safety/Environmental
  • Delivery/Schedule
  • Call Up Procedure
  • Supply Back-Up
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance

If this is a service that your Na‑Cho Nyàk Dun company can provide to Yukon Energy Corporation, please email Gordon DeClerq at Gordon.declerq@yec.yk.ca on or prior to May 14, 2021.  The level of interest shown will inform the sourcing strategy that Yukon Energy will undertake for this service. 

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