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Request for Proposal for Capital Planner

Invitation to Proponents

First Nation of Na‑Cho Nyàk Dun is issuing this Request for Proposals for an experienced Planning professional to be retained to provide services for the First Nation in the realms of Community surveyed lots and Capital Planning.

The primary objective of this RFP is to assist First Nation of Na‑Cho Nyàk Dun (FNNND) with the selection of a Proponent who will work collaboratively with FNNND on a number of projects over an unspecified time frame in FNNND territory. The ability of the Proponent to work closely and collaboratively with Na‑Cho Nyàk Dun is critical in this role.

2.0 Background & Scope of Services

Our nation is a self-governing First Nation in the Yukon, pursuant to the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun Self-Government Agreement (SGA) and the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun Final Agreement (FA). Our population includes approximately 600 citizens, about half of which live in our traditional territory.

The FNNND is looking for the proponent to build on the concepts of indigenous planning principles, our participatory model of government and our desire to step outside the scope of western urban/neighbourhood planning and design. We need to build in concepts related to gathering & communal space, features that promote recreation and healthy living and winter living in order to promote the goal of building healthy communities and healthy living spaces for our people.

The FNNND has three key priorities: building an independent nation, fostering self-reliance of its citizens, and protecting the land and the water. The role of the proponent will be under and in alignment with these priorities, within the scope of undergoing capital planning and / or assisting with the creation of the “master capital & urban plan”.  

In order to align with the priority of “protecting the land and water”, FNNND aspires to achieve Living Community Challenge petal status for C-6, and to bring into alignment other land-based outpost locations such as Ethel Lake, NND Farm, and other historic and heritage sites. All planning work will support the goals of migrating towards reoccupying our traditional sites through a visionary path towards a regenerative future. For FNNND to fully embody the priority of protecting its lands and waters, the integration of this priority into all planning and development must occur.

The FNNND has identified the need for the following planning services on a project specific and ongoing basis:

  1. A review of existing planning documents, with the proponent to provide updates where required. There is a desire for alignment between planning documents, which may be achieved either through updates to existing plans, or the integration of priorities and information into new planning documents. Existing plans to consider include (but are not limited to):
    • NND Capital Plan 2014 – 2024
    • NND Tan Sothan – A Good Path: Integrated Community Sustainability Plan 2008
    • other planning and engagement pieces that have been conducted recently.
    • Integration of the Mayo Area Hazard mapping – (i.e. Climate Change permafrost thaw zones that pose significant threats to infrastructure)
    • Re-assess existing Infrastructure Assessment reports
  2. New planning documents as required to achieve and align with FNNND priorities. Specifically, NND will be looking to develop an integrated community & capital planning exercise (essentially a Master Capital Plan) for the urban, community and developed land selections as agreed to in the FNNND FNFA, prioritizing land selections that will result in a developmental plan that responds to an imminent housing crisis. NND is aspiring for this to coming together under the umbrella of Living Community Certification in order to align with our aforementioned values and priorities.

This plan should be a Master Plan focusing on infrastructure, with a review of existing conditions and assets, assessment of priorities, plan and vision moving forward with the integration of existing projects and priorities.

  1. Review of existing engagement in this realm and availability to propose and provide engagement facilitation to support planning activities.

3.0 Proposal Content

The content of proposal responses should align closely to the following structure outlined below. The entire proposal (excepting Appendices) should not exceed 20 pages.

Proposals must include, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Relevant Experience of Firm

Provide a detailed description of the firm’s experience in providing similar services, including examples of prior projects or client relationships. Include the type of clients served, as well as the scope and nature of the projects involved. We are looking for experience in master planning, capital planning, community planning, as well as engagement and experience working in a first nations context. Identify any prior experience working with Nacho Nyak Dun or with other Yukon First Nations.

Please provide at least two examples of similar projects, outline who was involved, what challenges were experienced and how they were mitigated, and project outcomes and success. Please provide references for each of these projects including reference name, contact information, and their role (client, project manager, etc.).

  1. Relevant Experience/Qualifications of Assigned Professional(s)

Please provide details with respect to the team your firm would offer to deliver these services, the experience and expertise of team members, the kinds of administrative systems in place to support the proposed team, and how your firm develops relevant skills and knowledge in the proposed team members including experience working in the first nations context and with regenerative design principles. Designate the individual who would have primary responsibility for oversight of the Services.

Please attach the curriculum vitae of the members of the proposed team as appendices to your proposal. If your firm’s approach will involve other professionals outside of your firm, please include their curriculum vitae as well.

  1. Project Approach

Please describe the approach your firm would take to each of the planning services listed above. In particular, please describe your firm’s approach to the inclusion of regenerative design principles into the planning work, inclusion of NND values and the approach to project management support and delivery. If your firm’s approach involves consultations with community members and knowledge holders, please detail how you would engage those community members.

  1. Capacity and Availability

Please describe the capacity of your firm to deliver the services described above. Specifically, please describe the capacity of your firm to support FNNND with the required planning services. Provide a statement of the firm’s availability to provide the Services.

  1. Proposed Fees/Expenses

Please provide an estimate for the fees and expenses necessary to deliver the planning services described above. FNNND realizes this is an estimate only but requires some measure of the anticipated cost of the planning services in order to comply with its finance act and to help compare proposals. Please be very clear about the scope of work that these estimate cover, as these will be held in consideration when providing comparisons.

The proposal shall also clearly state a breakdown of billing rates for each member of your proposed team, as well as your firm’s fee rates for travel. Please describe your practice with respect to expenses such as mileage, daily meals and other incidentals.  Please identify which expenses your firm considers to be part of normal ‘overhead’ (and thereby included within the fees) and which are not.  Please feel welcome to include details respecting your firm’s willingness to provide some or all such services according to annual budgets, and for fixed fees or project-based fees.

If your approach to the required services includes other professionals who are not members of your firm, please include their fees and anticipate expenses in the estimates you provide. All possible additional expenses should be disclosed through the proposal process.

4.0 Selection Criteria

Proposals submitted will be reviewed by FNNND for completeness and qualifications. Selection of a firm will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Relevant qualifications, expertise, and experience of the firm in relation to the scope of work;
  2. Relevant qualifications, expertise, and experience of the individuals assigned from the firm;
  3. Project Approach & Methodology in alignment with NND values
  4. Demonstrable creative thinking incorporated into planning & design processes
  5. Experience working and partnering with First Nations;
  6. Experience with regenerative design principles and has a team member either working towards or with current accreditation through the Living Future Institute;
  7. Availability to provide the services as described;
  8. Cost (Relationship building is the cornerstone of FNNND values – cost will be considered last.  This is not a monetary value-based RFP.)

5.0 Submission Process & RFP Schedule

Submission Process & Key Dates

Expression of Intent Form

Prior to submitting a proposal, FNNND will require proponents to submit the expression of intent form (attached at the end of this document) in order to indicate to FNNND the intention to provide a response to this Request for Proposals. This will provide FNNND with the proponents contact information to provide the proponent any changes, answers to questions and/or details regarding a proponent meeting, should it occur. 

Expressions of Intent forms are required to be submitted by all interested proponents by January 15th, 2020. This form should be submitted via email to executivedirector@nndfn.com.

Questions & Proponent Meeting

Questions may be received up until January 22nd, 2021, with responses sent back to proponents by January 25th, 2021.

A proponent meeting may be held via zoom to provide proponents the opportunity to raise any questions they may have about the proposal prior to making a formal submission in live time. If this is to occur it would be held the week of January 25th to the 29th, 2021. FNNND will provide all proponents who submit their expression of interest with the opportunity and information to attend this meeting if it should occur.


Submissions will be received up to 12:00pm YST on February 5th, 2021. Submissions must include the Proposal Transmittal Form (attached at the end of this document). Digital (pdf) submissions will be accepted and should be submitted via email to

executivedirector@nndfn.com and to


All Proponents submitting a response to this RFP consent to allow the FNNND and its consultants to check and verify all the information provided in the submission. Reference checks will be kept confidential and will not be reviewed or discussed with other Proponents.

Respondents may not make modifications to their responses after the closing date and time except as may be allowed by FNNND.

6.0 Terms and Conditions

No FNNND Obligation

The FNNND reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted; to select one or more responding parties; to void this RFP and the review process and/or terminate negotiations at any time; to select separate responding parties for various components of the scope of services; and to select a final party/parties from among the proposals received in response to this RFP. Additionally, any and all RFP project elements, requirements and schedules are subject to change and modification. The FNNND also reserves the unqualified right to modify, suspend, or terminate at its sole discretion any and all aspects of this RFP process, to obtain further information from any and all responding parties, and to waive any defects as to form or content of the RFP or any responses by any party.


In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Respondent will treat as confidential and will not, without the prior written consent of FNNND, publish, release or disclose or permit to be published, released or disclosed, the Material or any information supplied to, obtained by, or which comes to the knowledge of the Respondent as a result of this RFP except insofar as such publication, release or disclosure is necessary to for the Respondent to compile their response to this RFP.

Respondent’s Expenses

The Respondent has the sole responsibility for any costs associated with preparing and submitting a response to this RFP. In no event will the FNNND be responsible for the costs of preparation or submission of any Response.


The FNNND accepts no responsibility for non-receipt and/or delays in receipt caused by transmission and reception problems, equipment failure or any other similar cause.

Conflict of Interest

By submitting a Response, the Respondent warrants that, to the best of its knowledge and belief, neither it nor any of persons with authority to bind the Respondent under the RFP, has any financial or personal relationship or affiliation with any officer or employee of the FN NND or their immediate families that might in any way unduly influence the FN NND and impair the integrity of the RFP process. Should the Respondent become aware at any time of such conflict of interest, the Respondent must immediately advise the FN NND about such conflict’s extent and nature.


Respondents shall not engage in collusion of any kind; in particular, Respondents shall prepare their Responses without any knowledge of, comparison of figures with, or arrangement with any other Respondent submitting a Response to this RFP.

Acceptance of Terms

The submission of a Submission constitutes the agreement of the Respondent that all of the terms and conditions of this RFP are accepted by the Respondent and incorporated in its Submission.

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