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Job Opportunity with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada (WCS Canada) – Avian Technician Lead & Avian Technician.

Position type: Avian Technician Lead & Avian Technician
Number of positions: 2
Employer: Wildlife Conservation Society Canada (WCS Canada)
Project Supervisors: Chrystal Mantyka-Pringle & Daniel Yip
Duration: May 17 – July 24, 2021
Compensation: $22 – $32/hr
Location: Whitehorse, Dawson City or Mayo, Yukon
Deadline for application: February 19th, 2021
Position Summary:
WCS Canada is seeking one avian field technician lead and one avian technician to assist with avian monitoring throughout Central Yukon for the 2021 spring breeding bird field season. The two successful applicants will survey breeding birds and avian species at risk using point counts and acoustic recording technology with emphasis on regions near Dawson City and Mayo, YT. The avian technician lead and an avian technician will work together under the supervision of Chrystal Mantyka-Pringle, Northern Boreal Mountains Conservation Planning Biologist, and Daniel Yip, Postdoctoral Research Fellow. The primary responsibility of the avian technician lead will be to conduct avian surveys and be responsible for field data management in Excel and plotting and managing spatial data in a geographic information system (GIS). Other duties will include field preparation, maintaining and organizing field equipment, other tasks related to data management and administration of time management. The avian technician will also conduct aerial surveys and participate in field preparations and data entry but is not required to have as much field experience or northern boreal bird identification skills as the avian technician lead, however, knowledge in these areas is preferred.
The cost of transportation, accommodation, campground fees, fuel, and food will be covered for this position while in the field. In total, this position will involve 1 week of field preparation in Whitehorse, 6 weeks of fieldwork in central Yukon, and 1 week of data entry and equipment organization at the end of the field season.
Both Field Technicians will be paid hourly for the 9-week contract. Overtime will be at the discretion of the project supervisor and will be calculated based on time averaging. To better manage budgets, Field Technicians will have the option of taking overtime as paid time in lieu, as per a time averaging agreement at the end of the contract. Once again, we require the successful applicants to be flexible with work hours and changing work schedules.
Position Objectives:
This position supports the WCS Canada Northern Boreal Mountains Cumulative Effects Program which has the following primary objectives:

  1. Understand the cumulative effect of human disturbance and climate change stressors on wildlife and important habitat.
  2. Inform conservation targets built around ecological thresholds for maintaining healthy wildlife populations and ecosystems based on scientific findings.
    Primary Responsibilities of Avian Field Technician Lead:
     Preparation, organization, and maintenance of field and field safety equipment
     Early morning point count surveys
     Supervise fieldwork and the avian field technician
     Deployment and retrieval of acoustic recording units
     Coordinate travel, accommodation, and other logistics related to fieldwork
     Manage field expenses and expense reporting
     Entry and organization of point count data and audio recordings into Excel database
     Organize spatial data in ArcGIS
     Administering time management and submitting timesheets
    Primary Responsibilities of Avian Field Technician:
     Daily organization and maintenance of field and field safety equipment
     Early morning point count surveys
     Deployment and retrieval of acoustic recording units
     Use GPS to track site locations
     Entry and organization of point count data and audio recordings into Excel database
    Essential Qualifications of Avian Field Technician Lead:
     Multiple years experience working with or leading field-based bird surveys
     Experience identifying boreal birds by sight and sound within Yukon or other similar northern boreal systems
     Experience working and navigating in remote conditions using a compass, map, and GPS
     Experience operating 4×4 trucks on rough access roads
     Remote or wilderness first aid and bear safety training
     Proficient with Microsoft Excel
     Strong communication, organization, and time-management skills
     Independent with strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail
     Supervisory experience is an asset
     Experience plotting spatial data in GIS is an asset
    Essential Qualifications of Avian Field Technician:
     Ability and experience working in remote field conditions including extensive off-trail hiking, early mornings, inclement weather, wildlife encounters, and biting insects
     Willingness to sustain life in rustic field camps for multiple days (i.e. cooking, cleaning, etc)
     First aid and bear safety training
     An interest in birds and nature
     Basic computer skills including experience with MS Office products
     Experience operating a 4×4 truck
     Experience identifying boreal birds by sight and sound is an asset
     Positive and “can do” attitude in varied and diverse team environments
    How to apply:
    Please send your CV with a cover letter explaining your qualifications related to the responsibilities listed above and your motivation to work on this project through the Fitzii application portal: https://www.fitzii.com/apply/54091 For applicants without access to internet applications can be mailed in or hand delivered by appointment to:
    169 Titanium Way Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 0E9 (t): 867-393-2447
    Questions regarding this position can be directed to Dr. Chrystal Mantyka-Pringle at cmantykapringle@wcs.org
    Requests for accommodation can be made at any stage of the recruitment process. Applicants need to make their requirements known when contacted. For questions regarding the application process please contact tdias@wcs.org. Local Indigenous Persons are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.
    Deadline for applications: Applications must be received by 19 February 2021 to be considered
    About WCS Canada:
    WCS Canada (www.wcscanada.org) was established as a Canadian conservation organization in July 2004. We are committed to championing accessibility, diversity, and equal opportunity. Our mission is to conserve wildlife and wild places by improving our understanding of and seeking solutions to critical problems that threaten key species and large wild ecosystems throughout Canada. We implement and support comprehensive field studies that gather information on wildlife needs and then seek to resolve key conservation problems by working with a broad array of stakeholders. We also provide technical assistance and biological expertise to local groups and agencies that lack the resources to tackle conservation concerns. WCS Canada is independently registered and managed while retaining a strong collaborative working relationship with sister Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) programs in more than 60 countries.
    This job posting is based on current COVID-19 conditions in Yukon and may be subject to change.
    Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they are eligible to work in Yukon based on current COVID-19 travel restrictions. A candidate coming from outside of Yukon will be subject to an unpaid two-week self-isolation period as per public health guidelines prior to their first day of employment.
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