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Job Opportunity: Early Childhood Educator

The Daycare is looking for dedicated, willing to learn staff to work at the daycare in Mayo, YT.

If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact the HR or Education Manager: Karen Clark-Marlow, NND Human Resources (HR@nndfn.com) or Lauren Baranik, NND Education Manager (educationmanager@nndfn.com).

Notice: If the Daycare does not have enough reliable, regular Early Childhood Educators, we will have to be closed regularly in the New Year. Please apply if you are looking for work or share this post. Starting wage is $22.29/hour.

Please note that NND is also providing daycare staff with Early Learning Child Care courses from YukonU which will be paid for by NND.

When: January 7th to March 2022
What Course: Intro to ELCC
Why: The Child Care Regulations from the Yukon Territorial Government require staff to be certified (or working towards certification) with one staff member at Level 3 and one staff member at Level 2.

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