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General Assembly

The following are four fundamental principles that guide the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun’s (FNNND) Constitution:

  1. FNNND traditions.
  2. FNNND Supreme Law.
  3. FNNND citizen’s and governing bodies’ responsibilities.
  4. The protection of FNNND Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, Titles and Interests.

FNNND’s General Assembly is one the governing bodies, and has overall responsibility for government powers and responsibility. At least three general meetings are scheduled before each annual general assembly, and it is citizen’s responsibility to participate as much as possible.

FNNND’s General Assembly has overall government authority for the protection and good government of FNNND, and their rights, titles and interests. FNNND’s General Assembly can enact FNNND laws in relation to all matters recognized in the FNNND Settlement Agreements, and other matters relevant to inherent rights of FNNND.

After logging in, General Meeting Agenda & Reports are available on the citizen portal.