Water Sampler – On Call – Job Opportunity

Water Sampler – On Call – Job Opportunity

Job Summary:
The preferred candidates will have an understanding of local environment conditions and effects associated with past and current activities facing the ecosystem in FNNND’s Traditional Territory. The applicant must have basic office and organizational skills and also a good understanding of First Nation Governments. The individual should be willing and able to undertake field work. This work is a great opportunity to learn about mining reclamation processes.
Main Duties
Field work will include; water sampling and monitoring, fish habitat assessments, soil investigations and water treatment pilot studies. Applicants must be self-motivated and physically capable of lifting at least 50 pounds. Duties could include training, field work and report writing to the Lands and Resources Department upon completion of assignments.

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General Assembly Meeting Dates

General Meeting Dates:

Annual General Assembly:
FIRST NATION OF NACHO NYAK DUN Notice of Annual General Assembly
June 22ND – 24TH, 2018 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
NND Government House
Breakfast served at 8:00 AM, and lunch at 12:00 PM for participants.

Resolutions with a financial component due May 23RD
Elder Councilor Nomination 12:30 PM on June 23RD

Please contact Chrystal Lattie at 867-996-2265 ext 213 for further information.

AGA Job Opportunities

Due to unforeseen circumstances the above dates are subject to change.

Heritage Department Old Village Plan

NND Old Village Plan/Questions

We are developing a plan for the Old Village Site, and we need your input!
Please share any information on the history of the Old Village site, how the site has been
used recently, and your vision for how it could be used in the future.
Please see link above for an example of the types information we are looking for!