The First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun is committed to ensuring that its citizens receive equal access to educational opportunities and outcomes in accordance with their needs. This includes support for those at risk, the upgrading of basic skills, vocational training, and formal education. As well, the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun is committed to promoting traditional forms of education and learning as equal alternatives to current methods.

The objective of the NND Education & Training Department is to support Na-Cho Nyak Dun Citizens in gaining access or being reintroduced into the workforce by obtaining training with the qualifications and skills needed to pursue individual careers and to contribute to the achievement of Self Government and economic self-reliance.

You have to be a registered NND Status or Beneficiary, you can be employed or unemployed.  A copy of your status card for proof or a letter of enrollment, as a NND Beneficiary, must be provided with your application.

You can apply in person, or contact us by E-mail, you can get an application from our office. For information, please contact our office.  You will be notified within 3 to 5 days of your receipt, whether your application has been approved or denied.


  • Application form for NND Post Secondary Education or Application Form for Community Training;
  • Copy of your Status card or verification from NND Enrollment Department;
  • A letter of acceptance from your education institution;
  • Latest transcript is required with Application;
  • Program outline of the courses, you would like to take; and
  • All your personal information is required, all files are kept confidential.

If you have an email address we can email forms to you or you can download from our website.

Post Secondary Application Deadlines 2017

Post Secondary Application Deadlines 2018



In June of 2006 the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun, adopted a new organization chart to develop a new department to have Education, Heritage, youth and Daycare under one Director.  My name is Roberta Hager, I am Northern Tutchone from the Wolf Clan and started working in the department as of August 2006.  I am responsible to oversee and direct programs.  I work on proposals, report writing and give presentations to the Annual Assemblies and to Chief and council on matters related to this department.  We have lots of initiatives happening.  Yukon College has created a Presidents Advisory Committee, to consult with First Nation on what training is important to the First Nation.

The Yukon First Nation Education Advisory Committee meets 4 times a year to go over Education issues for students in K4 to grade 12, they have currently developed a Grade 5 Governance Manual and have started a pilot project, First Nations 12 is also being done this year.  The First Nations curriculum has been working on developing booklets that reflect First Nation citizens and culture.  A new document has been developed on Students succeeding and accomplishing their dreams. This will assist the Department of Education in moving forward and includes First Nations as part of the process.  I also sit on the School Council, attend monthly meetings to review the school plan and to ensure that NND’s culture is incorporated into the school system.  We would like to have more elders work with us to work in the school and on cultural activities.  If you’re interested in attending any meetings, please let me know.  Mussi Cho

You can contact the Manager of Education:
Phone: (867) 996-2265, Ext. 120
Fax:    (867) 996-2028
Email:  educationdirector@nndfn.com


NND Post Secondary Education/ASETS Coordinator is responsible for Student applications, community training and ensures that all documentation is included.  Requests are forwarded to the Director for review and then monthly allocation set out in the NND Education Policy.  Every August the applications for school supplies is available on NND website, this is a subsidy for parents to assist with supplies. The PSE.ASETS Coordinator processes requests from high school graduates and post-secondary students for funding and reports monthly to Education Director. The PSE.ASETS Coordinator has to liaison with HRDC, Social Assistance, Finance and Personnel Officer.

The Post Secondary Program is governed by Post Secondary Education Policy, adopted June 17, 2008, and by the NND Constitution.

You can contact the ASETS Coordinator at:
Phone: (867) 996-2265 Ext. 137
Fax:    (867) 996-2028
E-mail: pse.asets@nndfn.com


Reg McGinty is the Education Support Worker (ESW) for the First Nation of NND,  the ESW is responsible for liaisoning between JVC Administrator and JVC teachers, NND parents and the First Nation Education Director.  Assisting the teachers with cultural activities and forms.  Attend meetings concerning students and parents.  Informing the Education Director of any policies changes within JVC.  Coordinate yearly events on behalf of the NND Education Dept.  Assist school staff with parent/teacher interviews. Ensure that the Education Department has stats and enrollment list for students for NND for school supplies.  Provide food for learning, snacks for the students at JVC.

If you have any concerns about your child’s education, please contact the teacher first, if you are not content with the results, contact the Principal, and then the school council.

You can contact the ESW at:
Phone: (867) 996-2692
E-mail: esw@nndfn.com


The First Nation is seeking assistance with a program for youth or after school project, if you are interested, please submit your name to the Education office.

Florence Pilon, The Youth & Recreation Coordinator, is responsible to coordinate the Youth Council, hold regular meetings at least once a month, assist the youth with fundraising events, host workshops or recreational activities.  She also works with the Heritage and Culture department to ensure youth are learning  Northern Tutchone traditional knowledge.

You can contact the Youth Coordinator at:
Phone: (867) 996-2112
E-mail: youth@nndfn.com

YTG Culture Inclusion Funding

The First Nation will receive about $10,000.00 a school year, to promote NND history & culture in the school.  We also have funding to sponsor an Elder to spend a day in school or if you have a traditional project you would like an elder to help you with. Please submit the form to the NND CELC, Reg McGinty at the School.

If any NND Citizens have an interesting project proposal please contact Reg McGinty.


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2016 – 2017 JVC School Council Meeting Dates

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2017/2018 School Council Meetings
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School Council September 12th, 2017 minutes.pdf
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Spring/Summer 2018 Course Catalogue
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NND Post Secondary Policy Oct 5, 2015
NND Education Dept Citizen Info Booklet
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FNNND Post Secondary Continuing Student Form (2017)
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http://www.education.gov.yk.ca/pdf/2008 – 2009 Department of Education Annual Report

Our Staff

Anita McGinty
Daycare Coordinator – Telephone: (867) 996-2190

Youth Coordinator
Youth – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 410

Youth Assistant
Youth Assistant – Telephone: (867) 867-996-2265, ext. 410

Reg McGinty
Education Support Worker – Telephone: (867) 996-2275

Roberta Hager
Education, Youth, & Daycare Manager – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 136

PSE ASETS Coordinator
PSE/ASETS Coordinator – Telephone: (867) 996-2265, ext. 137