Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association Press Release

February 2, 2018

MAYO, YUKON –– The Te Arawa Waka group will mentor youth at the 2018 First Nation of Na-
Cho Nyak Dun (FNNND) Youth Gathering, strengthening ties between the Māori and Yukon First

The gathering is focussed on promoting physical and mental wellness. It will be held in Mayo
from February 5-8 and involve youth from across the Yukon.
Yukoners will remember Te Arawa Waka for their participation at the 2017 Adäka Cultural
Festival, where they shared rituals and protocols, traditional strength training games and artistic
practices. This marked the beginning of a special relationship between them and Yukon First

For Te Arawa Waka it means a lot to return to the Yukon to share their culture, build new
relationships and support the development of youth.

We are excited to work with Yukon First Nations and with the youth of the region. Culture is the
foundation of important value systems and dynamic transformation and we can’t wait to be a part
of that
,” says Paora Te Hurihanganui, a member of Te Arawa Waka. “The collective
transformation with Yukon First Nations and Māori is of the utmost importance to each other’s
future. It is a great learning opportunity where we can contribute to one another’s growth and
plan for continued future exchanges

Organizers of the FNNND gathering were inspired to invite Te Arawa Waka after seeing their
demonstrations and performances at Adäka last year. They felt the group would make good role
models for participating youth, helping motivate them to care for their physique, health, education
and careers.

The Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association (YFNCT) produces the annual Adäka
Cultural Festival. They welcome this first iteration of cultural exchange between the Māori and
Yukon First Nations following Adäka 2017.

Through the sharing of traditions, protocols and culture, our new Māori friends became brothers
and sister last year. We are delighted to be welcoming them back to the Yukon and sharing with
them again.
” YFNCT President Shirlee Frost says. “Te Arawa Waka’s dedication to bettering
their lives, and the lives of others, through their culture will be an inspiration to young people at
the gathering.

Te Awara Waka is a Māori cultural group from the Te Arawa nation in the central north island of
New Zealand. The group will be leading workshops and performing at the 2018 FNNND Youth

20180131 – NR – Te Arawa Maori Return to Yukon


PublicCall.appointments.26Jan18 Appeals Committee

The Administrative Appeals Act establishes the Tribunal to hear appeals of certain administrative decisions made by the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun (the “NND”) with respect to specific programs and services. The Tribunal operates at arm’s-length from the Council.

The Act intends to bring accountability and transparency to administrative decisions made by the NND and ensure that such decisions are made fairly and in accordance with the NND’s laws and policies. The Act will be brought into legal effect when the members of the Tribunal are appointed and other steps are taken for the Tribunal to become operational.

The Council will appoint at least four persons as members of the Tribunal for terms of three years. For the initial appointments of the members, two members will be appointed for a term of three years, one for two years and one for one year.

The NND requests interested persons, particularly NND citizens, submit written expressions of interest to the Council at the address below. A person may be appointed as a member of the Tribunal if he or she:
(a) has not been convicted of an indictable offence or an offence of theft, fraud or false pretenses during the preceding seven years;
(b) has a familiarity with the NND’s traditions and values and its community;
(c) is not a member of the Council or a NND employee; and
(d) is at least 25 years of age.

The Council will strive to appoint NND citizens as members of the Tribunal and, in particular, give consideration to persons who are elders and youth and seek gender balance with respect to the appointment of members.

For further information, including a copy of the Act, contact Chrystal Lattie at chrystal.lattie@nndfn.com or 867-996-2265 ext. 213.

Please submit any expressions of interests until March 31, 2018, to: PO Box 220, Mayo, Yukon, Y0B 1M0 or chrystal.lattie@nndfn.com.