Update on the FNNND Daycare.

I am writing to provide you with the following information regarding the FNNND Daycare. Currently, the contracts for renovations have been awarded and I expect renovations to begin in the next week or so. We are replacing the flooring, and painting as well as upgrading the furnace and heating systems. We do hope to have […]

Employment Opportunities: FNNND is seeking applications for positions listed below.

Poster: Employment Opportunities Poster  Lands and Resources Manager  Implementation Manager  Capital & Housing Manager  Communications Coordinator  Heritage Coordinator  Elder’s Coordinator  Social Programs Administrator  Education Support Worker  Indian Residential School Support Worker Closing date is Thursday August 8th, thank you.

2 FNNND representatives needed for the JVC School Board Committee

Poster:Community Membership Opportunities The First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun is seeking professionally-minded individuals to fulfil the requirements of the government in providing citizen services, programs, and engaging in development areas for the Nation while keeping in mind the strategic visioning of the Northern Tutchone people concerning traditions and cultural practices. We are currently seeking […]

FNNND Transboundary Gathering

When: July 16 – 17, July 18 Morning (If Needed) Where: FNNND Government House @ 9:30 am. Breakfast at 8 am. FNNND Transboundary Gathering Poster FNNND Transboundary Gathering Agenda for the July 16 – 18 Meetings